• Zuzana Truhlářová
  • Alena Vosečková


Personal autonomy and its respect is the right of every human being in every period of his life. The objective of this scientific essay is to answer the question how the seniors see themselves as autonomous person, namely in the physical and financial terms and in the term of self-sufficiency within the meaning of individual decision. The most of the scientific works on senior population deals with elders in the institutional care or with seniors, who are dependent on the care of the others. Our message is focused on seniors living in the natural environment (family) in order to map the self view and the opinions of relatively self-sufficient, but very large group of seniors, who we meet on the streets nowdays and probably will meet them more often in the future.The aim of the research was to assess the perceived autonomy among the seniors themselves, namely in terms of physical self-sufficiency. The aim was not to create the statistical data analysis and hypothesis testing, but mapping the significance of subjective health for the perceived autonomy among the seniors themselves.